Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire damage clean up is a complicated, multi-step process which typically involves dealing with smoke and water damage, fire damage and mold damage. Depending on the intensity of both the fire and the smoke caused, you might also find the structure of the property or the commercial property needs to be repaired or must have an emergency board up service to protect it against the elements. If the structure of your commercial or private property has damage due to fire or smoke, you should call a local fire damage restoration company immediately to determine the extent of the damage and if necessary, require fast restoration. You should also have your insurance company involved so that they will pay for the entire cost of your damaged properties.

Once your insurance company determines that your insurance will cover the cost of your damaged properties, you can then contact a fire damage restoration company. A restoration company specializes in restoring as much as possible to their original appearance and make sure that everything is restored to its preloss condition. Fire damage cleanup involves experts from a local fire restoration company working alongside technicians experienced in water damage and electrical restoration. These technicians are able to salvage belongings, restore electrical systems to full functionality, fix damaged plumbing and heating systems, and even drywall and carpet.

When dealing with smoke damage, your local fire restoration company will likely send a technician in to assess the extent of the damage and determine if any structural damage exists. After this step is complete, the technician will go over the structural details with you. For example, walls and floors may have suffered water leaks or structural damages due to the fire or smoke inhalation. In these cases, these walls and floors will have to be completely replaced. The technicians will also likely ask you some important questions about your loss situation, such as how much inventory was lost, how much money was lost, and where everything was located. This will help the technicians perform a comprehensive inventory of your property and get an accurate price quote for the entire job.

After the structural damage caused by fire or smoke has been assessed, the Fire Damage Cleanup company will prepare the property for restoration services. They typically apply disinfectant chemicals and deodorizers to the affected areas to rid the space of smells. They then dismantle and dispose of items that are not salvageable, including furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, jewelry, and art collections. Once everything has been removed, the restoration services team can begin to clean and deodorize the area to prepare it for another round of cleaning.

One of the most important steps in the fire damage cleanup process is to make sure that all mold, soot, and debris are completely removed from the rooms. Cleaning will include using strong cleaners that are chemical-free, as well as steam-cleaning the affected areas. Deodorizing will also be a focus, as mold and mildew can cause breathing issues for those with allergies. Fire Damage Cleanup companies will work with allergy sufferers to ensure that their home’s interior is completely symptom free. In addition, fire damaged carpets should also be thoroughly cleaned. A professional restoration company will know which carpet cleaning supplies to use to achieve the best results.

Fire damage cleanup can be a complicated and lengthy process, but it can be done successfully by reputable restoration companies. Fire Damage Cleanup teams have the experience and knowledge necessary to complete the job efficiently. They know which cleaning supplies to use to ensure the best results possible, and they have the skills and tools needed to salvage any items that can be restored.

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